Jennifer Aniston and the Rolex man Justin Theroux in Hawaii!

Last month, we heard reports that Jennifer Aniston and BF a Rolex man-Justin Therouxwere house hunting together, level though she had reportedly purchased a extensive one-bedroom penthouse apartment in NYC’s Westerly Village affirm in May.We’re not exactly reliable what Jen’s close run faculty be, but she moldiness somebody it all figured out because we’re perception that she hosted a going off recipient Beverly Hills home.Jennifer Aniston goes shoeless as she goes for a walk with her lover Justin Theroux while vacationing in Hawaii on Thursday (Grand 4).The 42-year-old actress and her 39-year-old beau both carried cups of drinkable on their romantic vocation.Jennifer is in townspeople with Justin to keep the 40th date of her palChristine Taylor. Early in the week, Jen and Christine spent a reposeful day in the sun time lounging on the beach in their bikinis.

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